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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.breaking news right now. police confirm tonight - this man you see here. christopher dorner- the fugitive murder suspect and former l.a. police officer - is dead. his body found in the rubble of a burned cabin near big bear. . kron 4's grant lodes joins us now with what's happening right now. grant? >> here is how things went down today. multiple news outlets, including cnn and the associated press is that his body was recovered in the charred remains. this is video from earlier, we are monitoring a press conference and the big bear
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area and in the meantime, this is where he was hiding after most of the afternoon, this cabin. swat team members, deputies surrounded this around 1:00 p.m. it lasted until about 4:00 p.m. that is when they started breaking windows. they realize that there was no hostages are once they broke and they shot tear- gas. there are going after christopher dorner. speaking on to a loudspeaker saying that this is your last chance. this machine was brought in to bring down the walls down. there is widespread speculation how
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that one lone shot could have been dorner with a self-inflicted wound. again, we are awaiting official word from the press conference from san bernadino that the suspect has been found burned. we will bring that press conference to you, live. >> let me give you a breakdown of how the events unfolded today. this started about 12:22 p.m.: a vehicle is reported stolen from a home in big bear,. near where dorner's truck was found, by a man resembling dorner.
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christopher dorner fired attacked police and one of lif christopher dorner fired at fish and wildlife. ensues, with a pursuit leading to to a cabin in a rental homes. gunfire is exchanged and two law enforcement officers are injured. a standoff begins. 4:15 p.m.: the cabin, surrounded by law enforcement, appears to become engulfed in flames, spewing black smoke into the sky. the area where christopher dorner is believed to have been hiding for the past week. is a mountainous, tree covered region which many people in northern california may not be familiar with.
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also, of breaking news on twitter. from the various news agencies and ripple provide you with an update. >> pam: there is going to be a news conference with the los angeles police >> good evening, i of the commander of media affairs for the los angeles police to park a couple of quick announcements. first of all, the hearts of all the los angeles police department, chief charlie beck go out to the families of the san bernadino department for the perished families. let me clarify a few things about what happened. with respect this
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is the san bernadino county sheriff suffered the loss they are leading this portion of the investigation. i would like to clarify some information that has been put out there, rather, some- misinformation. i just spoke with the san bernadino sheriff's office and there has not been a body. the fires are still too hot as of just five minutes ago and the reports of a body being found are not true. nobody has been found. and if the body has been identified as christopher dorner is not true. nobody has been located no -- body has been
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located and the official point of response should be coming out of the joint information response center from here. and the future information will become it from the be public information from the thernadino until we have the confirmation that it is a body event that it was indeed, christopher dorner. in addition, we will continue to provide security to all officers until a body is recovered and it is confirmed to be christopher dorner. where will have a another briefing at 8:00 p.m o'clock. with our joint task force
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fiord and informational i what is informational in san bernadino and a quick moment for a couple of questions and a translator. for spanish-speaking guests >> that was a mistake if they say it was all clear just two hours ago that was a mistake because the burned cabin has not even been entered by investigators. it is still too hot to. we are still in a holding pattern to search. if that indeed is a body and if there is also christopher dorner and it could still be difficult to identify him that could take days and even weeks for a dna analysis or
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forensics/dental records match. >> why are we still chasing him down? >> and still has been identified as deceased or if he is in a jail cell we are going to continue that he is still out there. with using an abundance of precaution set our citizens are safe. >> as this and investigation has unfolded, anybody that has been assisting him in avoiding capture is criminally involved. they will leave no stone unturned if somebody was helping them on this terrible crime. this is the last question. we are still on a tactical alert with high profile in our
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facilities. we're still maintaining security. i will turn it over for our spanish speaker. >> pam: that is a live news conference from the los angeles police official giving a stunning clarification. all the major news agencies that a body was found in the cabin that was burned in big bear know, we are getting clarification from the police official at a body has not been recovered or if any identification has been confirmed that it was christopher dorner. until there is a final confirmation we are still awaiting a news conference tonight at midnight from san bernadino that the spokesperson was in los angeles and we have been
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speaking with chris welch... who is on the scene. certainly, they are saying that this was a body that was found and confirm. >> that is exactly what we have been saying. with the c and and, and multiple news agencies that his body was confirmed to be christonper dorner. however, this is adding to some confusion as if there was not enough today. where we were, we were about 2.5 mi. away from that cabin. they actually started about 2.5 mi. away and now we are even getting further away. we cannot continue where we are. they are forcing us to leave the
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seeing. and you mentioned that there are going to be a san bernadino press conference and about 45 minutes. and in addition, to the los angeles police department. they have not been as involved as the local san bernadono he has been confirmed dead. >> pam: according to the los angeles police do you have a sense that the urgency has changed in the area since you are in big bear? from those earlier reports that he was confirmed dead. do you still feel that the police are still on high alert. >> once we thought we heard the word, often that he was
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dead it seemed like there was a little bit of a tension relief in the air. it has been difficult to even get deputies and law- enforcement to talk to us and even the basic about where we should be stationed in with our satellite truck. we do not know it was christopher dorner. >> we are all of all waiting word certainly, news agencies are stunned and what is next for you, chris? >> we are repositioning ourselves we will be
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continuing to bring you updates but for their way. there are going to be privy to a conference from other side of the mountain. we are not able to get to that point because those roads are blocked off security is very tight. according to the lapd, that fire is still smoldering. >> pam: faq is so much. stunning clarification from the ldp the that all of the major news agencies that christopher donors body was found in the cabin that was burning. however, those
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reports are not confirmed. and the los angeles police department is still on tactical alert and they will continue protection de tell that was threatened in his manifesto. we will take a break and be mo with more information back with more.
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>> updates, coming from a los angeles police a portrait a stunning revelation they are disputing revelations and reports that were widespread. the los angeles police department saying that it this cabin is still not able to gain entrance because it is too hot. and nobody has been found, or identified as christopher dorner. they are going to continue to provide security
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to the families in danger. those families were are regionally in danger from his on-line post. this, according to los angeles police. they just received phone calls from the san bernadino we could also learn that it could take days or weeks for the dna identification. the search for christopher dorner, it is still on. they are not convinced that he died. we will continue to keep you updated and there is a press conference scheduled.
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>> pam: as you know, the major news agencies have been reporting earlier that christopher boehner his body was found. and there was talk of a possible accomplice to was brought up in the questioning with the los angeles police department public officer. we heard that perhaps one of his relatives could have been helping him evade police. >> here is the situation with that. they say that dorner is acquainted with an individual and that individual has a relative who has property in the big bear area. not actual residence but a piece of property. that is where the pickup truck was found, burned out. this is for that
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fire was set. again, that is where it was believed that he was hiding out from police. we will keep you updated and a waiting from the sheriff's office. also, the president talked about building a "thriving middle class" tonight. and listed new programs he wants put into action. it was part of his state of the union address. the republicans are already panning it. democrats found it president barack obama. the office. catherine heenan has catherine? a developing story. president obama wrapped up his state of the union address a short time ago. setting the tone for his second term. he told americans the "rubble of crisis" has been cleared away from the
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economy. and the state of the union is better. millions of americans were watching.and he knows the stakes are high. the president faces stiff opposition from the republicans who control the house -- and who have repeatedly blocked some of his top legislative priorities. senator marco rubio of florida delivered the official republican response tonight. and senator rand paul of kentucky - represented the tea party. both men have indicated an interest in running for president.
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he made this clear that he wants action on gun-control. he is facing stiff opposition. and they have repeatedly blocked tough legislation mark rubio and the kentucky senator rand paul.... also delivered public information and have indicated an interest in running for president. >> jacqueline: 60s through concord, san jose and as we look at the overnight conditions. chilly.
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tomorrow, very similar to today. as we look for thursday, friday with warmer conditions in the upper 60s. the fog is forming in the north bay but the bayshore patchy fog to the delta and the in the valleys. it is already the lifting and a sunny skies bay-area wide. temperatures are going to be chilly. 30's through napa, concord. a tad warmer in the south bay. 45 and half moon bay. for the afternoon, temperatures in the 60s. 60s through cupertino. and san jose. low 60s in the east bay. 60s in livermore. close
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to the coast, dealing with 50s along the immediate coast. we are going to continue to keep this dry warm pattern building offshore. that his continued to move towards washington state we are not going to expect any rainfall, here. warmer conditions later and upper 60s expected to. a slight cool down for the weekend but still, pretty mild. this next chance will be tuesday. we will keep you updated. hello?
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dorner has been found however, and we have heard that the cabin is too hot to enter. hopefully, the san bernadino press conference could clear things up. we will bring that press conference to you live. we will be back. i'm lom
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>> pam: our continuing coverage of christopher dorner is not over. according to the los angeles police department live conference that took place, live we are s awaiting update from beefan bernadino from the san bernadino.. eric's office sheriff's office
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>> pam: we are continuing to provide you with updates from the christopher dorner case. he has not been confirmed dead in even though there were earlier reports, to the contrary. grant lodes. >> yes. the body was
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believed to have been found in that burning a cabin. however, just moments ago they are indicating that there was no body found. still, it is too hot we are awaiting a live press conference hopefully, they will search for this and continue to clear this up. this is that big bear cabin. this was after two differendt shootouts. they have been surrounding that cabin for most of the afternoon. from 1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. and law enforcement started breaking the windows. throwing tear gas and even got on a loud speaker announcing to christopher dorner. the former cop has one more chance to come out alive. that is when they started
8:35 pm
using heavy machinery and brought down the walls that is about the same time that they heard one gunshot wound from inside of the cabin that there is speculation to that that certainly the gunshot was christopher dorner shooting himself. it is not clear how it's started, if law enforcement started that fire. law-enforcement what believed to be trying to find them but not the they have not gone into the cabin or the remnants of the cabin to try to find them you can see that affect, black smoke. a very perplexing situation as the los angeles police department just clarify that there was no body found and there have not even been crews going into the burning structure.
8:36 pm
the dna could also take days, weeks. they are even providing still active security certainly, as we continue to monitor this development's from the press conference from an bernadino >> the los angeles police department sent out this tweet. and all is saying that they are saying that this is all capital letters that no body has been identified. that, of christopher dorner has not been identified and other
8:37 pm
information is that they are waiting for that cabin to fully burn to the ground. we know that it is still probably smoldering. and too hot to. they are still waiting for that identification. >> pam: as we continue this news conference is starting. >> law enforcement have not been able to enter that cabin. it is too hot. is still smoldering and it is not safe for them to enter. i cannot tell you at this time when they will be able to enter the cabin. it is a huge crime scene. anticipate them for being there for most of the night. we will probably not have any new
8:38 pm
information until some time tomorrow. >> reporter: has there been any indication that they have even seen a body inside? >> and have not confirm anything. they have not confirmed anything and i am not aware that they sent a robot and. >> reporter: was there any verbal communication between inside, outside? >> was not aware of any communication. >> reporter: are you denying that a body has been found? >> i am not denying it but i am saying that they have not confirmed it. it is not safe. it is still smoldering. and it is too hot. and there could possibly be live ammunition. i do not know if they have another way to check but they are not going to enter
8:39 pm
the cabin. the report earlier that a body was found in sight were unconfirmed inside. >> reporter: do you think that it will happen tonight or tomorrow, that they will enter? >> i do not know, whenever it is safe. and there were several gunshots. >> reporter: do we know how that fire started, tear gas? >> it is not likely that there are going to release a detailed information about the fire or anything that they find in sight. and even then, how much information they will be releasing at that point. and i do not know about and the accomplice. or any information about any
8:40 pm
accomplice. >> reporter: cindy, can we be clear that was there somebody was inside of that cabin? >> absolutely. we believe that somebody was inside. the vehicle. and fled and then abandoned the vehicle and ran inside on foyt and went inside of this cabin and in beach with gunfire. and one of the deputies died. >> reporter: there is no indication that he escaped? >> we believe that there is still he was still inside. >> reporter: the altercation between the suspect inside and to the police. can you describe it. >> i do not know how many shots were fired, if that is what you are asking. i have no information about any
8:41 pm
other person being involved. >> reporter: to you have any information on those who ladies that were kidnapped. >> i do not have any more details about one knows details were stolen. but i just know that the vehicle was stolen and they described the suspect as looking just like christopher corner. i do not know if there were any details like that, confirmed. the only thing i can confirm is that the vehicle was stolen in big bear. that is the vehicle that the deputies were looking for one the suspect fled into the forest. >> cindy,.... >> on the insured that it was investigated but no more details. and that was on
8:42 pm
that same club view drive i believe that it is relatively close to the command center. and i do not know however.. and that command center was moved to the big bear sheriff's station. >> we have reason to believe that it was christopher dorner. the victim of the car theft said that the suspect looked like ham and the actions beyond that led us to stronger believes that it was christopher owner. we have no reason to believe that it was not. that it was christopher -- dorner. >> do you know how the fire started? >> i do not know.
8:43 pm
>> i have no idea. >> what is the plan tonight? >> the plan tonight is that they have a very large crime scene to process. that is what they will begin doing. a homicide investigation and a large number will be needed to complete this job. at the same time, they are mourning one of their brothers. >> reporter: do you know when that day are going inside that house? >> i do not know. >> reporter: citdo you know cindy, do you all along that this suspect could have been inside of that cabin? >> i do not know. does anybody else have any
8:44 pm
questions? >> reporter: those cars are being towed behind you to you have any idea of that? >> i have no idea. >> a are you saying that the body that was inside the house >> there was a suspect that fled into the forest, barricaded himself and in teach in gunfire. and shot and in teach in gunfire and we believe that he is still inside after engaging in gunfire with police. nobody has been inside of that cabinet is not safe. >> reporter: city, the deputy that was injured cindy it must be painful for the entire department? >> it is painful for everybody with the law enforcement over southern
8:45 pm
california they have been working closely together for this lost last six-these days... there is no conflicting information they have not been inside of that cabin it is not safe. they believe that there is a body but it is not to say to the one side. it is not safe to go n sigin side of the cabin and i do not know anything about hostages. the victim's of the car theft were not injured. as far as i know. i am not aware i only know that there was a fire there that is all the information that i have. and i do not have any more information..
8:46 pm
it was described to me as a rental and there was nobody there. >> reporter: can you reiterate just who is believed to be inside of that cabin? >> correct we believe that the person that. himself in side of that cabin and has been engaging with gunfire with our deputies and other law enforcement is still inside. even of the building has burned. >> reporter: any more information about the forest information? >> i do not have anymore information. thank you, we will have more information if we have a press conference tomorrow we will get that information all to do. >> pam: that has been a live news conference since deaf bo cindy ...
8:47 pm
that was cindy bockman they have reason to believe that the person inside of that cabin was christopher dorner. the victim's of the earlier car theft confirmed that it was a strong resemblance to christopher dorner christopher dorner, however, we are still awaiting confirmation they have to wait through their investigation and techniques to confirm. they are saying that it is not safe. because of the fire is too hot. there is the potential that there could be fire arms inside. . there could be
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>> catherine: this developing story, the state of the union. the president offered eight pick, ambitious agenda. with hiring raising the minimum wage, deficit reduction, and the spending cuts, and he also made a plea for the parties to work together. >> let us put party bipartisan aside. let us do it without the bricks and chip that scared off investors. the greatest nation on earth, cannot keep conducting its business by
8:51 pm
grappling one menu for tran crisis to the next. >> catherine: also with new ideas about the european free trade agreement and the speedy removal of troops from afghanistan. >> pam: michael? >> he was putting entitlement reform with medicare i think that this court to be an interesting debate. seniors have been very concerned that it is going to be a means test for the wealthy. it has always been in the third real. and also, increasing the minimum wage. the continuation of the of inaugural address from the large government, better government approach.
8:52 pm
>> some people were critical that the and doctoral speech was a good too partisan and tonight it was a bit more bipartisan? >> it was a bit for bipartisan in tone they do need votes. many people from the sandy hook tragedy were there. and also voting on immigration. they are talking about there was a woman that had folded from miami 102 years old. putting congress on the scene and a the meat needed to put these items >> pam: it to you think that he is going to get those things done, gun-control come immigration? >> i think that he will get some things done, with -- immigration and gun-control. with more possible outcomes
8:53 pm
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>> pam: we continue to follow breaking news. the los angeles police apartment and the san bernadino press conferences are not confirming that it was christopher dorner. we are bringing more details and to stay with us.
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>> reporter: we continue to bring you the latest developments of christopher dorner. the los angeles and san bernadino press conference has not been able to identify the body of christopher dorner. however, they believe that christopher dorner is a dead. suspect. >> pam: we will keep you updated at 11:00 p.m. and also the state of the union address have a good evening we will see tonight at 11:00 p.m..
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